Why Choose Tile

Why Choose Tile

Personal Expression

Marazzi porcelain tile sends a definitive message about the tastes and design preferences of the owner – use it to make any space distinctly personal. Nearly limitless colors, shapes, textures, finishes, trims and decorative options free the imagination to customize any setting whether the preference is contemporary or rustic, elegant or casual. Marazzi designs the latest worldwide trends in floor and wall fashions that stand ready for a creative imagination.

Long Lasting

Tile has an exceptionally low life cycle cost as shown in TCNA’s Life Cycle Cost for Floor Finishes chart. This comparison study analyzes a broad range of flooring products for performance over a typical installation lifespan of 50 years. The results clearly show that tile exceeds the lifespan of other flooring materials like marble, carpet, terrazzo, hardwood, etc., thus, yielding lower costs over the life of a building. An important component of low life cycle costs is the minimal maintenance methods and materials required for tile. Modern production technologies have positioned tile as “within budget” for most projects.

Healthy Lifestyles

Family, employees, customers, visitors – all deserve safe and hygienic places to live, work and play. Ceramic tile addresses these important issues because it is non-flammable, harbors no bacteria, allergens or odors, emits no VOCs and can have a coefficient of friction that lessens the likelihood of slip-fall accidents. Its very low water absorption also makes it naturally resistant to staining or dirt penetration.

Environmentally Friendly

Tile is fundamentally comprised of natural earthen clays which are combined with water, and then transformed by fire. Marazzi’s manufacturing process is guided by principles of recycling and reuse of these natural materials. For almost 20 years Marazzi has been a strong domestic manufacturing presence with emphasis on earth- and people-friendly practices. Three manufacturing facilities operate in and serve the U.S. market, thus minimizing negative transportation effects (fuel consumption and air pollution) for raw materials and finished goods. Marazzi has developed targeted environmental initiatives which are continually monitored to assure compliance. Verify the product-specific details of our efforts and our ongoing commitment to the earth on which we live.