Western Stone

Made in the USA
Glazed Porcelain

WESTERN STONE captures the unique features of real stone through a sophisticated porcelain technology that makes it harder, more resistant to wear and simpler to keep clean. Varied textures and veining underscore the visual uniqueness and adaptability for residential or commercial, floor or wall, indoor or outdoor installations. The soft, warm atmosphere WESTERN STONE creates easily adapts to any architectural or design style.

Canyon City BG
Gold Rush GI
Yukon Trail NO
Canyon City BG Mosaic (2x2 Square)
Gold Rush GI Mosaic (2x2 Square)
Yukon Trail NO Mosaic (2x2 Square)
Canyon City BG Bullnose
Canyon City BG Cove Base
Canyon City BG In-Angle
Canyon City BG Out-Angle
Canyon City BG V-Cap
Canyon City BG V-Cap Corner
Gold Rush BI Cove Base
Gold Rush GI Bullnose
Gold Rush GI In-Angle
Gold Rush GI Out-Angle
Gold Rush GI V-Cap
Gold Rush GI V-Cap Corner
Yukon Trail NO Bullnose
Yukon Trail NO Cove Base
Yukon Trail NO In-Angle
Yukon Trail NO Out-Angle
Yukon Trail NO V-Cap
Yukon Trail NO V-Cap Corner
Water Absorption
≤ 0.50%
Frost Resistant
Scratch Resistance (MOHS)
Abrasion Resistance
Class IV
DCOF (Wet)
≥ 0.42
Shade Variation
Pre-Consumer Recycled Content


13x13, 13"x13", 20"x20", 6-1/2x6-1/2, 61/2"x61/2"