Accent Wall Design Ideas Using Modern Tile

Tiles provide a stylish, textural alternative to paint and wallpaper, and a tiled accent wall can completely transform a room with bold color and added dimension. An accent wall can serve as its own focal point or be used as a backdrop that highlights an individual element such as a fireplace or freestanding bathtub. If you'd like to use tile to create an elegant new look, here are some wall design ideas to help you bring out the best in your decor.

Photo features Lounge14 in Martini on the floor and in Martini and Sidecar on the wall.

Infuse Color into Neutral Decor

Colored glass tiles can brighten up a room, whether you use them to completely cover a wall space or work them into a decorative pattern. If you gravitate toward neutral paint and furnishings but still want to infuse a bit of eye-catching color, one wall of glass tile can add enough of an accent to elevate the look of an entire room. For example, the glistening gemlike shades of Crystal Stone can be used to add drama with lighter shades of silver, and for even more drama, you can choose a deeper purple or brighter gold.

Create Wallpaperlike Patterns

In addition to glass mosaics, natural stone tiles can add an air of luxury and elegance. The white and gray tones of Haven Point mosaic tiles feature modern-looking linear veining and on-trend geometric shapes. Choose from a chevron, hexagon, or linear mosaic shape to create a truly original accent wall in your room. The result takes the concept of wallpaper to a new level, and adds elegance and visual depth to the design. You can also go for a more unique, decorative look by creating your own pattern that features both cool and warm shades of tile.

Photo features Crystal Stone in Marine on the wall.

Add Textured Tiles for Depth

If you feel like your design is too flat, adding texture through an accent wall can increase the visual movement of the space. One way to do so is to use tiles with advanced digital imaging, which increases the appearance of texture on the surface. For example, the woven look of textiles is replicated using a modern neutral palette throughout the Lounge14 tile series. These hardy tiles come in a variety of plank shapes and widths, giving you design versatility along with easy maintenance.

Bring the Outside In

You can also create an unexpected look on your accent wall with materials that are traditionally seen on home exteriors. For instance, the look of stone or brick can add a layer of texture to a room. Plank tiles that feature digital imaging that captures the look of reclaimed wood can even be placed on the wall to replicate the appearance of pallet wood. The handcrafted appearance of these timeworn styles adds a historic, authentic feel to your decor.

Photo features Urban District BRX in Eastside on the wall.

Advanced imaging and new textures on tiles allow you to create an accent wall that adds whatever your room needs most. Neutral patterns, gentle movement, or bold colors can all bring your decor to life and create a stunning focal point in your home. Stop by a Marazzi design center today for more accent wall design ideas using the latest, most innovative tile technology.