Creating a Walk-In Shower with a Universal Design Concept

As we age, our day-to-day needs may change, especially within our own homes. Creating a universal design requires you to anticipate the needs of various heights, ages, and abilities when creating a living space. A shower with a walk-in entry, for example, applies the concept of universal design to the bathroom by providing easier access. If you like the idea of creating a more universally friendly design, here are some ways to use tiles and other fixtures to do so during your next remodel.

Photo features Crystal Stone glass mosaic in Ivory in the shower.

Partitioning a Walk-In Shower

A walk-in shower doesn't necessarily require a completely open space to be accessible. A universal design would simply involve creating an entryway that's large enough to accommodate someone who needs assistance or specialized equipment such as a wheelchair. Because a larger, more open shower may not stay as warm as a smaller, enclosed area, you may want to incorporate a tile wall or a frameless glass door into your design. And when designing a new shower, keep privacy in mind and incorporate walls or partitions as needed. Rather than clear glass, you may want to consider creating a partition with glass mosaic tile like Crystal Stone. This will brighten your walk-in shower while also providing more privacy than clear glass.

Framing the Space

Your walk-in shower should mesh well with your bathroom's overall design while still forming a clearly defined space. However, if you want to turn your shower into a focal point, you can opt for more dramatic tile or glass accents—just make sure that the tiles you pick for the shower floor are properly rated for interior wet areas. Using coordinating tiles in various sizes, such as those in the Archaeology collection, can also help your shower stand out but will still allow your design to be cohesive.

Photo features Archaeology in Babylon in the shower.

Creating a Functional Design

Universal design aims to be both functional and beautiful. The extra thought that's given to your redesigned space will help you anticipate future needs. In addition to the walk-in entry, placing a bench in your shower or adding shampoo niches that are accessible from a variety of heights or positions makes your shower more functional. Allowing space for grab bars, should you need them in the future, is another consideration. Handheld sprayers also give you increased versatility, and finally, proper lighting is essential to a successful design.

With the wide array of tiles available, creating a beautiful shower using the concept of universal design is easier than ever. When you're ready to get started on your design, stop by a Marazzi showroom and check out the latest tiles for your shower.

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