Montagna in Soft Maple

Going Where Wood Hasn’t Gone Before

Worry-free Wood in the Bathroom, Kitchen, and Beyond

Think you can’t put wood there? Why not! Go for it! Once it might have been a bad idea, but with Marazzi Montagna 4 x 28 wood-look tile, it’s a great idea.

Wood in the Bathroom

Wood in the bathroom? Yep. Wood-look tile is transforming bathroom design. You can put it on the shower wall to create a rustic, on-trend design. You can put it behind the bathtub and luxuriate in your own personal spa. You can put it on the vanity backsplash for an enduring design. You can put it on the floor without worrying about warping or water damage. There's no stopping wood in the bathroom anymore.

Montagna in Soft Maple

This beautiful backsplash features Montagna 4 x 8 in Soft Maple. Wood is the perfect way to blend contemporary and traditional elements for a transitional design that turns heads.

Wood in the Kitchen

Did your mother guard her wood floors in the kitchen with gusto? Wiping up every little spill quickly, worried that it might stain or make the wood swell or warp? Tile takes all the worry out of wood in the kitchen.

Montagna 4 x 28 wood planks allow for design freedom. Try a herringbone pattern to liven things up a bit. Now the chef can enjoy cooking without concern about the mess she's making or if it's too soon to mop the floor again. Wood-look tile suits your busy, modern lifestyle so you don't have to worry about any special maintenance or refinishing.

Wood in the Basement

Basements are tricky at best. Most people don't think of wood as an option for basement floors or walls. With wood-look tile it's the perfect selection. Put some wood-look planks on the wall to create a homey entertaining area. Or make a vintage, reclaimed-feeling game room with Montagna 4 x 28 in Caramello.

Be sure to prepare your basement surfaces properly to keep moisture from being a problem under the tile. Some waterproof underlayment is just the thing for no-fuss installation. Consult a professional for best results.

Montagna in Caramello

Take a look at Marazzi's Montagna 4 x 28 at Home Depot.