How to Use Mosaic Floor Tile Designs to Modernize Your Bathroom

Tile flooring provides a foundation for good design, especially in the bathroom. When the time comes to remodel or update your space, you'll want to choose a material that's comfortable underfoot, yet fashionable enough to modernize the space. If you'd like to bring in a range of colors, the latest mosaic floor tile styles give you the flexibility to create a highly modern design. This combination of time-tested mosaic shapes and innovative design provides a dramatic lift in visual texture that can turn an ordinary bathroom into a space that's worthy of showing off.

Go with Geometric Tile

A geometrically shaped tile will add a mosaic-like structure to your floor. For instance, the 16-inch Urban District HEX line offers six-sided geometric tile, and is a great alternative to traditional square and linear styles. With its unexpected shape and pattern, this hexagonal tile lends a more artistic feel to your bathroom floor. And when combined with elegant visual texture, such as the look of stone, this revolutionary design can elevate the style of an entire room.

Photo features Oxford Porcelain Mosaic Grey on the floor and Oxford Perla on the wall.

Bring in the Third Dimension

Mosaic floor tiles create the appearance of enhanced texture with their small cuts and intricate patterns. If you'd like to add a similar look that features alternative texture, consider the bold look of Oxford mosaic tile, which has a 3-D appearance. Rather than going with random tile sizes, which make up some mosaic patterns, the Oxford line features a repeated pattern that adds structure to the flooring and can help define smaller bathroom spaces. With an on-trend palette that features gray and brown tones, this mosaic floor tile option will transform your bathroom with its up-to-date aesthetic.

Add Patterned Tile for a Modern Look

If you're looking for an easy-to-install mosaic look, try a patterned tile like Block's 6 x 6 decorative accent tiles, which are available in two different color designs. Placing the tiles together in one defined space creates a mosaic effect and adds visual movement to any room. The fashionable cement appearance is combined with an artistic design and neutral colors in a patterned tile that's aimed at giving your bathroom a fresh look.

Mosaic floor tile works especially well when it's used to add visual texture to an otherwise monochromatic design. Tiles are also an excellent flooring choice for rooms that are prone to dampness and humidity like the bathroom. When the time comes for your next bathroom remodel, visit a Marazzi showroom to learn more about the latest mosaic styles.