5 Innovative Tiling Tips for Using Glass Tile

If you're looking to add a bold backsplash to your kitchen or an eye-catching fireplace to your living room, glass tiles may be just what you need. The right glass tiles can infuse your home with a sleek, contemporary feel. If you're looking for ideas, or need some inspiration, consider these five glass tiling tips.

1. Incorporate Floor Accents

Expand beyond the notion of glass tile on a kitchen backsplash. Instead, incorporate glass below eye level to help your entire space glisten. You can opt for a subtle touch to your floor design, such as a few mosaics here and there, or you can add a whole strip of large glass tiles to brighten up your space. By creating an innovative pattern, you can draw even more attention to the beauty of your custom tile floor.

2. Jazz Up Your Kitchen Island

Whether you have a classic or contemporary kitchen, glass can be used to add color or sophistication. Place glass tile in an unexpected location for a modern, innovative look. For example, if you have a center island, consider installing glass tile on the front portion, below the countertop, to make decorative use of an underutilized space. The glass can match the backsplash for a uniform effect, or it can serve as a pop of color.

3. Transform Your Shower Bench and Shelves

Add opulence to your shower by placing glass tiles in a nontraditional fashion. If you have a small shower bench, add tile to the top or set a row of glass tiles just above the bench as a transition to the shower wall. If you have any inset shower shelves, you can tile them to add dimension.

4. Brighten Bathroom Wall Decor

In a bathroom, glass tiles add a bold, captivating flair. You can add tile to all the walls or just one area to highlight the focal point of your bathroom. For example, a tiled wall behind your bathtub will draw attention to that part of the room. The incorporation of glass tile will transform your space into what feels like an at-home spa, and the options are endless.

5. Enhance Your Fireplace
Add a modern twist to your fireplace with glass tile. The light from the fire will reflect off the glass, giving your space a warm, twinkling glow. Try a gem shade for an immediate touch of opulence. The shimmer and shine of both clear and translucent glass will make your fireplace the focal point of the room.

Glass tiles add a bold, yet sophisticated, look to any room. If that's the look you're going for, these five tiling tips will inspire you to incorporate glass tile into your space.