Eye-Catching Colors for Indoor Fountains

Indoor fountains can transform a living area into a peaceful oasis. Although many design options exist, the beauty and depth of glass mosaic tile pairs exceptionally well with the movement of water. The translucent colors of glass help to create a backdrop that complements the shimmer of flowing water. Glass mosaics also reflect natural light and enhance the transparent effect of water. The result is a fountain that serves as an eye-catching focal point in any room of your home. Here are some glass mosaic color combinations that work particularly well.

Beautiful Blues

Blue is often thought of as a serene, calming color. Tranquil water circulating in an indoor fountain often resembles the bright blues of a tropical sea. Choose a blue glass mosaic like those found in the Studio M line to instantly make your space feel more relaxing. The subtle mix of coordinating shades creates a lovely scenic effect for your indoor fountain. Try mixing in just a hint of blue with Studio M's Jive brick pattern or adding more concentrated blues with Flamenco for a perfectly calming, lighter backdrop. The artistic Caicos series features Blue Beach, which is another fashionable selection that will bring the bright blue of the Caribbean Sea right into your home.

Photo features caicos™ 12-1/2 X 13 in Blue Beach.

Calming Neutrals

If you're going for a more subtle look, try framing your indoor fountain with a neutral glass mosaic. Combining softer earth tones with modern linear shapes will look beautiful, and will give your space a serene, spa-like design. The Caicos series offers options like Grace Beach and Shoal Bay, which combine simple colors with trendy shape combinations. A neutral color scheme will give your space a clean and modern look for many years to come.

Bolder Tones

Dark colors are perhaps the most dramatic choice for modern indoor fountains. To incorporate a darker shade of glass tile, consider the Catwalk series. Deep colors like those found in Blue Ballet and Steel Toe will provide a bold backdrop that's certain to set your fountain apart from the rest. The movement of water over the dark glass, combined with the calming sounds of a bubbling fountain, will help you achieve the stunning effect you desire. Set against a neutral decor scheme, the dark-colored tile will stand out beautifully.

Glass tile can be used in a variety of ways when designing an indoor fountain. A raised, pool-like structure can be constructed by placing mosaic tiles around the base, and smaller, wall-hanging fountains can provide a pop of color and a special touch to your space. Regardless of the style that you choose, the addition of a glass tile indoor fountain can help make your space feel like it's one of a kind.