How to Use a Plank or Linear Tile Floor to Improve Your Home's Design

A linear tile floor can be boldly intriguing, and it can improve a home's overall design. The elongated shape of such flooring has the ability to create positive optical illusions, making a room appear larger or more uniform than it really is. By choosing a linear or plank tile that delivers on-trend style, you can then explore ways to lay it to refine—and define—your home from end to end. Here are a few ways you can use this type of flooring to improve your design:

Lengthen with Tile Floor Lines

The lines in linear or plank flooring, such as the grain in wood-look tile or just the small gaps between each tile, have the ability to stretch a room if you place them in a direction that maximizes the layout. To elongate a room, for example, lay the tile with the lines running in the direction that needs more length. The eye travels with the flooring rather than yielding through linear speed bumps.

Create Uniformity in Large Spaces

When you're working with a generous-sized layout, you can create visual continuity by using large floor tiles. This will present a less busy, more fluid result. To further reduce visual disturbance, opt for small grout lines or a grout color that matches the tile. The less visible the lines are, the more blended the tiles will appear to be. This look will maximize the feel of an open-concept home, and will set the stage for a minimalist design, allowing form to merge with function in either a monochromatic scheme or color-explosive palette. Large-scale floor tiles act as a perfect stage for standout furniture and edgy statement pieces.

Photo features San Savino™ in Volterra on floor.

Widen a Room with Diagonal Tile

If you're working with a historical home, placing tile diagonally can offer traditional appeal—and more. This technique is an ideal way distract from walls that aren't square. In addition, rectangular plank- or linear-style flooring installed in a diagonal pattern has the ability to widen a narrow room, maximizing tile runs and carrying the eye into the distance. You can further amplify the effect with high-contrast grout lines or merge the look of classic marble with modern tile for eclectic attitude.

Use Wood-Look Planks for an Open Look

Today's wide-plank wood-look tile flooring takes traditional charm up a notch, especially when it's handcrafted from fine porcelain stoneware. Beyond mountain-retreat charm, wide planks offer openness—again, the fewer the seams, the better the widening effect. In a rich, dark, exotic wood tone, wide tiles not only ground a room but highlight white or off-white furniture. Pair wide wood-look plank tile with cool, receding blue or green walls to make a large home seem even more impressive, or a smaller home appear roomier, particularly if the flooring travels throughout the entire home. If you plan to add a second or third type of flooring, choose something in a similar color for consistency, and in the same thickness or material for an effortless transition.

Photo features Treverkchic 6 x 48, 8 x 48, and 12 x 48 in Italiano on floor.

Tile Up the Wall

A plank or linear tile isn't just for the floor. You can also try taking it up a wall to create an artistic focal point. For example, it looks great as the background of a bed or as a fireplace surround. As it continues up from the floor, it creates an elongating floor-meets-ceiling effect for an impressive finish. No matter what your tile style is, this is a great way to add some flair and personality into your home.

The right plank or linear floor tile can perfectly change the visual appeal of your home. So if you're looking to make your space appear longer, wider, or more uniform than it really is, use these tips and tricks to get started.