Shower Remodel Tips: Details to Add to Your Design

If you're considering a shower remodel, understand that the shower has reinvented itself over the past decade. The shower is no longer a simple facet of the bathroom that's tucked into the corner or placed on the far wall. Now the shower has become a major feature of the space. And with elaborate shelving built into the tub surround, elegant tile adorning the walls and intimate design throughout, your new shower may even be your favorite part of your home.

Homeowners tend to think of the shower as a highly personalized area that deserves bold design and maximum comfort—hence the trend toward creating oversized showers that come with plenty of special touches. Don't forget the details when the time comes for your shower remodel. It's the little things that transform a simple shower into a heavenly haven.

Photo features Crystal Stone in Ivory 12 x 12 mosaic.

Add Shelves and Shadow Boxes

If you're looking for the perfect combination of convenience and elegance, in-shower shelves and shadow boxes are the perfect addition to your shower remodel. They can be added by utilizing the depth of the framed-out shower wall. The space between the studs is the ideal location for these recessed enclosures to hold your shampoo, conditioner, and soap. You can then consider adding a glass shelf within the enclosure for a special touch that maximizes storage space.

Choose quarter round edges for a soft edge on your shelving tile, as you're likely to be using the feature every day and want to avoid any rough edges. Opt for tiny mosaics to fill in the interior walls of the pockets. This sets them apart from the tile on the shower walls, which are most likely larger field tiles.

Remember the Threshold

Speaking of rough edges, it's critical that you consider your threshold during a shower remodel. Defined as the barrier between the bathroom and shower floor, the threshold is both a functional and aesthetic part of the design. Treat it as more than just a miniature wall that keeps water in the shower. You can dress it up a bit by going with a zero-threshold shower and running tiles continuously from the bathroom into the shower floor instead of creating the traditional horizontal straight-line curb.

The threshold serves as a visual break between your shower and other bathroom floor tile, creating a dynamic, clear separation. A rounded entry can help prevent tripping and will be a definite talking point for any guests who check out your new shower remodel.

Define Your Space

Once the technical details in regard to your shelving, shadow boxes, threshold, and other complementary pieces are defined, it's time to turn your attention to choosing the perfect tile for the space. If you're trying to decide, consider Marazzi's Lounge14 line, which features woven strands floating atop satin-finished contemporary neutrals. This popular bathroom option offers a fresh, three-dimensional approach that's sure to set your bathroom apart from most designs. Other unique tile options produced by Marazzi include the Catwalk line, the Crystal Stone line and the Campione line.

Aside from tile, don't forget to incorporate the right details into your shower remodel project. Use these tips, and then consider adding subtle lighting, speakers, and other personal touches to the design. Make your shower a place of peace and serenity. You deserve it.