A Stainless Steel Kitchen Means More than Appliances

What's your idea of a stainless steel kitchen? Does it include commercial-grade appliances lining the walls or a shiny range hood accentuating the space? Perhaps it features a grandiose island topped with shining metal? Stainless steel combines the functionality of a robust, durable product with a sleek, timeless look. Using it as tile can take your kitchen to the next level.

A stainless steel backsplash can completely transform an area, serving as the stunning focal point of any kitchen. Picture the reflective, smooth material extending above your sink, stove, or coffee nook. Light glints off the metal and captures your eye as you enter the room. Stainless steel tile is also versatile enough to entirely fill an area or complement it as a design accent. The choice is yours.

The Benefits of Stainless

The stainless steel kitchen is no longer relegated to the restaurant. The product has been historically used in eateries because of its ease of installation and ability to stand up to heavy use. The material has now moved beyond its original purposes and become a key element in high-end design.

Stainless steel tiles give any space a lustrous sensibility with a resiliency that is key in high-traffic, frequently used rooms like the kitchen. Homeowners are choosing them as a design element in their kitchens for many reasons. For one, stainless steel is easy to clean with household cleaners or even homemade concoctions, especially when it's used as a backsplash or design element, where fingerprints are less likely to collect. Further, stainless steel tiles are glossy and can pick up surrounding colors. They look great next to any material you may use for your countertop, including various types of natural stone. This ability to transition with different design styles makes stainless a fit for life. Finally, stainless steel tiles are considered a green product because they are recyclable and nontoxic. So you can take pride in the fact that you're benefiting both your home and the world around you.

Stainless as a Centerpiece

Stainless can steal the show in any kitchen, providing a dazzling enhancement to the room around it. Even if you already have a stainless suite of appliances that includes the refrigerator, range, dishwasher, and microwave, there is always room for more. Consider adding a steel backsplash or cabinets to add more of a shiny flair.

When deciding which wall to turn into your stainless steel kitchen centerpiece, choose the one that everyone notices first when they walk into the room. Line it from bottom to top in stainless steel tile to make it the central design element of your kitchen. Then watch your guests' eyes light up.

Stainless as an Accent

Stainless steel tile is also versatile enough to work as a complementary piece. It is the perfect partner to natural stone and multi-surfaced porcelain options like those found in Marazzi's Midpark Mosaics line. This line is known for providing striking dimensional wall art, showing off combinations of color, texture, and sheen. A stainless steel border or center accent piece will only advance the stone's and porcelain's natural beauty as the three material types work together to create a trend-forward backsplash.

You can also pair stainless steel cabinets or metallic finish tile with warmer materials like wood flooring or glass inserts. Stainless is adaptable enough to not only complement these pieces, but set them off even further. Consider adding bronze or colored hardware into the room if you're looking to break up the silver tones and give the room depth. Alternatively, the silver tones make a great contrast against warmer colors such as yellow. Use stainless amid colors like these to visually break up a room or draw the eye toward certain places.

Photo features Metal Mania decorative tile in Pewter.

Stainless Outside

Stainless steel doesn't have to be confined to the walls of your home; it makes for the perfect outdoor kitchen material too. It's weather resistant, meaning it doesn't warp in the heat and humidity. Additionally, it stands up to wetness and can be easily wiped down. Depending on where you live, these can be invaluable attributes.

Metallic tiles stand up to the elements too. Use them on your outdoor countertop or as a decorative accent. These tiles can also be the perfect partner to your stainless steel grill, giving your outdoor kitchen area a commercial restaurant feel.

Stainless steel doesn't have to be devoted only to your major kitchen appliances. It makes for the perfect addition to a prominent wall area or design elements and can give your room a modern, elegant appearance. The ability to pair it with various types of stone, wood, or tile makes stainless the go-to option for high-end design.