divine woods™ - a modern take on classic embellishments

Mon, 09/16/2013

Take a walk on the wood side with Marazzi USA’s DIVINE WOODS collection of innovative complements for residential or commercial walls. Specifically designed to enhance porcelain, ceramic and glass tile walls, these 13" strips introduce matte touches of comfort and warmth into any setting. Unexpected surface patterns include bamboo, rectangle and criss-cross motifs. While not traditional designs commonly associated with wood, their simple elegance plays well in both contemporary and classic settings.

Intricately textured, DIVINE WOODS displays a natural wood-grained background topped with bas relief-like designs that immediately capture attention and refine any wall. Multiple styles – Chair Rail (2-1/2"x13"), Pencil Liner (1/2"x13"), Bamboo Liner (1-5/8"x13"), Rectangle Liner (2"x13") and Criss-Cross Liner (2-9/16"x13") – are available in Light Brown, Medium Brown, and Dark Brown ranges.

The composite stone/resin compound used to form DIVINE WOODS is simple to cut, miter, drill and install. A basic maintenance routine using clear water and/or a neutral (soapless) cleaner followed by drying with a soft cloth is all it takes to keeping these miniature “woodcarvings" looking their best.

See complete information on DIVINE WOODS at www.marazzitile.com

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