Romance Collection

Decorative Accents

Ceramic and resin coated with actual metal make complementing the wide variety of today’s stone, marble, wood and glass looks nearly effortless. Offering an affordable, uncomplicated medium for interior walls, these unique embellishments meet the simple-to-cut, simple-to-drill, simple-to-install requirements of today’s vertical spaces. Creating a room that’s truly your own has never been easier.

Chair Rail Bronze
Chair Rail Nickel
Chair Rail Venetian Bronze
Chair Rail Wrought Iron
Insert Diamond Bronze
Insert Diamond Nickel
Insert Diamond Venetian Bronze
Insert Diamond Wrought Iron
Insert Dot Bronze
Insert Dot Nickel
Insert Dot Venetian Bronze
Insert Dot Wrought Iron
Insert Fleur de Lis Bronze
Insert Fleur de Lis Nickel
Insert Fleur de Lis Venetian Bronze
Insert Fleur de Lis Wrought Iron
Insert Floral Bronze
Insert Floral Nickel
Insert Floral Venetian Bronze
Insert Floral Wrought Iron
Listelli Dot Bronze
Listelli Dot Nickel
Listelli Dot Venetian Bronze
Listelli Dot Wrought Iron
Pencil Liner Bronze
Pencil Liner Nickel
Pencil Liner Venetian Bronze
Pencil Liner Wrought Iron
Water Absorption
Frost Resistant
Scratch Resistance (MOHS)
Abrasion Resistance
Class I
Shade Variation