Photo features Treverkchic in Italiano.

The Latest Wood-Effect Tile Designs Go Beyond Basic

The latest wood-effect tile designs take you beyond a basic hardwood floor. Thanks to highly advanced imaging techniques and finely cut edges, wood-look tile gives you more flooring options for rooms that may not be a good fit for real wood. New styles take your flooring past the traditional look of hardwood into more updated, modern designs. Whether you prefer a contemporary edge or a more rustic feel, the right wood-look tile can be found to complement your decor. Here are some design tips.

Modern Color Options

When crafting wood-effect tiles, the colors of natural wood can be sharpened, heightened, and expanded. The latest designs are tailored to complement modern furnishings and home decor. Darker, more lustrous shades of wood can be reproduced in plank-shaped tiles that carry the realistic texture of hardwood. If you're searching for an exotic style, consider a wood-look tile like Harmony. With bold grain lines and rich colors, this fresh design suits any modern decor. And if you love the texture of wood, but prefer a more contemporary color palette, the black, white, or deep browns of Treverk provide the most fashionable options.

Historic-Looking Distressed Finishes

Vintage flooring is a hot design trend in modern homes and cottages. The appearance of distressed wood flooring adds rustic charm and subtle texture. To achieve this beautiful, aged look, plus the additional benefits of a highly durable porcelain material, consider the latest wood-effect styles. One popular choice is Preservation. Advanced 3-D imaging gives this wood-look tile a hand-scraped, natural appearance. Thus, the beauty of reclaimed wood is instantly captured in a versatile, easy-to-maintain material.

Traditional Hardwood Beauty

If you love the constant beauty of traditional hardwood flooring, a wood-look tile will add something new to your design mix. The latest wood-effect tiles incorporate multiple layers of digital imaging to evoke the authentic charm of natural wood. Subtle texture adds a real wood feel to the tile, therefore increasing its authenticity. To match modern design preferences, traditional designs like the American Estates line are available in today's extremely popular wider plank sizes.

The classic beauty and function of wood-effect tile designs give you an elegant flooring option that will add natural warmth and texture to your decor. The durability and easy maintenance of tile flooring also provides a lifetime of benefits. Unlike real wood, you won't need to worry about spills and stains damaging the tile. You'll also never have to deal with the expense of refinishing wood floors. If you're considering a wood-look tile, visit a Marazzi showroom today and view the latest styles designed specifically for the modern homeowner.