Pool Renovation Tile Ideas and Options

Whether you've just started planning your pool renovation or you're looking to add the finishing touches, tile can help you bring your design ideas to life. Decide whether you want to use tile to add gleaming color, a gorgeous pattern, or an unique, eye-catching element to your look. Here are some tips and inspirational ideas to help you get started.

Turn Your Pool into a Work of Art

Glistening modern glass tiles can turn your pool renovation into a work of art. For instance, Caicos glass tile is available in a handful of mosaic patterns that feature multiple contrasting and complementary shades of color. These sleek, slightly abstract patterns create a contemporary look that will look amazing outdoors because of their nature-inspired color palettes. The glossy glass will reflect the sun as it shines across the water, lighting up the tiles and creating a different look depending on the time of day.

Mirror the Natural Beauty around You

Light reflects off water, creating little ripples and reflections that will show off the tile that's below it. For example, Catwalk glass tile captures this unique look and reflects it through a range of tile colors and patterns. You can choose Blue Ballet to echo the color of the water, go with Walnut Wedge to add a neutral vibe to your pool, or pick Sable Slipper to add texture to the space. The variation of color across these tile patterns is a perfect match for the natural pattern of the rippling water in a pool.

Go with Soothing Gray Tile

When designing a pool renovation, you can create a peaceful vibe by going with gray tile. Crystal Stone II tile comes in multiple patterns and features a handful of gray shades. Go with a lighter shade for a softer, soothing look. The gray sits alongside shades of brown or cream, which is the perfect combination for an outdoor space. By going with a neutral backdrop, you can add pops of color to your outdoor space through plants or fun furniture.

Paint Your Pool with Warm Colors

Turn your pool area into a relaxing, inviting oasis by adding warm, welcoming tile to the design. For instance, you can mix and match the Essentials line, which offers a range of earth tones. Consider creating a unique pattern or even using the tiles to make a funky, abstract design. The simple square shape allows you to let your creativity run wild.

When renovating your pool, make sure to use tile that reflects your style, taste, and creativity. Pick the colors that best suit your space, design a pattern that draws the eye, and create the look you want. When you're ready to choose the right tile, head to your local Marazzi distributor or retailer to get started.