3 Decorative Tile Products to Consider

Decorative tile can be used to personalize your home. Adding the right details to your fireplace surround, feature wall, or backsplash will not only elevate your home's style, but will provide jumping-off points for furniture, accessories, and paint colors. This design medium comes in a wide range of patterns, hues, sizes, shapes, and materials, including glass, natural stone, and porcelain. It also comes with assorted coordinating parts, such as field tile and trim, and it can be hard to decide which collection—or collections—to use in your home. Here's a breakdown of three very different decorative tile products to help you get started on your design:

1. Oxford

The Oxford wall tile line, which offers a lot of correlating parts, is ideal for a classic, monochromatic, or minimalist home that needs a little something to keep it interesting. This glazed porcelain collection offers a large tile that can make a bold statement without overstepping a subdued design's boundaries—or offending potential future buyers. Its subtle prismatic effect offers just enough glam, which every space needs. The 12 x 12 matching decorative accent tile flaunts a punchy brown or gray mosaic pattern. You can use it as the flooring, or as an accent to the floor or wall tile.

Photo features Oxford in Hydro Grey.

2. Haven Point

If you're looking for a decorative tile with a distinguished vibe, set your sights on Haven Point. The mix of materials (including two types of marble and two types of limestone, and the collection's variety of shapes, ranging from a hexagon mosaic to a modern stacked pattern) can work within numerous contemporary or traditional designs. Let your home's style lead the design, and you'll easily be able to perfect a pattern consisting of timeless grays and whites—whether you're placing the tile in your bathroom, across a bedroom feature wall, or over a fireplace surround.

3. Crystal Stone II

Mosaic tile patterns, such as those featured in the Crystal Stone II line, continue to be trendy due to their design versatility and their ageless good looks. This line's sparkly glass intermingles with subdued natural stone for optimal balance, and it comes in a range of neutral mosaic or linear tile palettes. Shades include pearl, steel, caramel, and cream, and each palette communicates effortlessly with even the most discerning decor. From across the room, a wall of multicolored bits will merge to be one, almost blending as a solid color with light-reflective edginess. These tile "gems" can be used to dazzle the dining room, visually ignite a sleek, floor-to-ceiling fireplace surround, and spice up a bland entryway. And not only can this collection brighten a mundane mudroom, providing a luminous accent around the utility tub or even behind coat hooks, but it's easy to wipe clean—a convenience you'll appreciate in the bathroom, too.

Photo features Crystal Stone II in Pewter.

When it comes time to choose decorative tile for your design, consider going with one of these three options. Not only are they versatile and long-lasting, but these tile collections are appealing to the eye and will be enjoyed by you—and your guests—for years to come.