Biophilic Essence

Embrace Nature's Canvas: Biophilic Design in Every Green Palette

Tapping gently on our souls through the visual experience of wrapping an everyday space in the most majestic of natural elements, the design trend of Biophilic Essence takes us on a ride that can begin with contemplation and culminate in feelings of joy and wonderment.  Explosions of color, tactility, and the luminescence of light are a few of the hallmarks of this type of design.

As familiar as we are with the grounding and cocooning properties of natural elements, we are many times taken by surprise and carried upward through the emotional response that we have to the colors and materials of nature that can be designed into a space.  Agglomerated stones, raw silks, and tropical feathers; undersea elements, mineral streaks, and unique wood configurations – these are all ingredients that may populate a Biophilic Essence space.

Embark on an awe-inspiring journey through the exuberant landscapes of an exotic destination, where every moment feels deeply romantic.  There are unlimited avenues of expression in the design trend of Biophilic Essence – the artistry is as varied as the different elements found in nature.

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