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A key building block to feeling inspired is to surround ourselves with the colors, styles, and designs that encourage our personalities, dreams, and desires.


Bold, daring, and the epitome of style, Marazzi provides captivating designs that translate Italian panache into exciting and imaginative tile products.


We present the latest in interior fashion, on-trend colors, and beautiful tile designs with our 2023 Trend Report.


Elevate Life

Elevate Life is hallmarked by exuberance, playfulness, and positivity. Building on a palette of happy colors like bright yellow, orange, fuchsia, royal blue, and green, this trend mixes in the best of past design to make spaces really pop with excitement. Maximalism from the 1980s combines with the relaxed playfulness experienced in the 1960s and '70s to bring the best of retro design to the present.


Dreamscape is the next frontier of our phygital lives and digital culture. This trend is about creating a place to escape and enjoying an opportunity for self-reinvention. Immersive aesthetics begin with color schemes drawn from gaming and dream-like virtual realities, including variations of purple and blue, combined with opaque and glossy finishes, iridescent designs, and metallic visuals.

Seize the Day

The trend of Seize The Day is about living life to the fullest, rediscovering ourselves, the importance of our roots, and the beauty of simplicity. Hallmarks of this trend include refined rusticity; craftsmanship; natural textures; the raw colors of nature such as earthy shades of beige, brown, and terracotta; and Southwestern Boho.

Essential Luxury

The notion of luxury has been changing as consumers — especially Millennials and Gen Z — expect a new take on sumptuous design. In the trend of Essential Luxury, elegance still provides indulgence, but fuses together jewel-tone colors and rich materials with Gothic, multi-cultural, Art Deco, and pop culture touches for a modern twist on splendor.

Tender Living

Within Tender Living, there is simplicity, a return to nature’s order where colors, finishes, shapes, and materials are organic, uncomplicated, raw, and harken to regeneration.  Colors are reflective of the outdoors; they are soothing and include blues, greens, browns, greys. Shapes may be soft, circular, flowing or raw, unfinished, imperfect.

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Marble Look Trend

Industrial style kitchen with brick look tile on the backsplash with a large island with metal stools


Modern style dining room with contemporary furnishings and encaustic terrazzo tile on the floor



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