2024 Trend Report

Unlocking Inspiration: Exploring the Spectrum of Our Interior Design Trends


A key building block to feeling inspired is to surround ourselves with the colors, styles, and designs that encourage our personalities, dreams, and desires.


Bold, daring, and the epitome of style, Marazzi provides captivating designs that translate Italian panache into exciting and imaginative tile products.


We present the latest in interior fashion, on-trend colors, and beautiful tile designs with our 2024 Trend Report.

Coastal Retreat

Coastal Retreat is the design trend of deeply breathing in life -- making our souls feel invigorated yet calm. This trend can take many forms including Mediterranean, Bohemian, spa-like, dry touch, and cocooning design.

Quiet Luxury

Pure, refined, fresh — Quiet Luxury showcases understated luxury, hallmarked by clean designs and accented with neutral colors, natural materials, and tasteful details.  The melding of Soft Minimalism, Japanese influence, and Scandinavian design that is linear at its core is infused with a contemporary “rounding” of the edges to help create an atmosphere of relaxation.

Modern Rurality

Homespun design and cabin-inspired interiors are the foundation of Modern Rurality.  This trend brings coziness, authenticity, and country simplicity to a space.  Mixed woods, exposed wooden beams, wool, natural stone, and traditional farm tools combine with local hand-made crafts to radiate a warmth and simplicity that brings comfort and peace.

Retro Revisited

We all have an individual take on the world as well as personal traits that set us apart from others — and Retro Revisited is a trend that allows us to express these emotions through design.  This trend recreates contemporary looks based on designs popular in the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s.  We draw on past eras to decorate our spaces and ensure that our emotional glasses stay half-full.

Biophilic Essence

Tapping gently on our souls through the visual experience of wrapping an everyday space in the most majestic of natural elements, the design trend of Biophilic Essence takes us on a ride that can begin with contemplation and culminate in feelings of joy and wonderment.

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Marble Look Trend

Industrial style kitchen with brick look tile on the backsplash with a large island with metal stools


Modern style dining room with contemporary furnishings and encaustic terrazzo tile on the floor


Contemporary bathroom with checkered walls, double sinks and black countertops.

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