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Daring new Marazzi series offer on-trend design options for stunning floors and walls perfectly tailored to individual design preferences. Innovative looks from earthy ceramics and concretes to metal accents and glass embellishments lend themselves to a variety of design styles.



Artistic Reflections™

Artistic Reflections™ combines a translucent glaze with an undulated surface, creating a handcrafted structure. The color pallet consists of four neutrals, in both matte and glossy finishes, along with four trend-setting jewel tones in a glossy finish, elongated tile sizes in both 2x10 and 2x20, and a coordinating hexagon mosaic add dimension and visual interest. Whether the preferred style is classic, edgy, modern, or mixed and matched to create an eclectic feel. Artistic Reflections seamlessly fits within a multitude of design trends.


Inspired by Vintage Revival and the aesthetics of French limestone, Creativo™ embodies a rustic yet elegant atmosphere. Being suitable for both interior and exterior applications allows for countless design possibilities to bring the outdoors inside. Neutral hues make this collection versatile and fitting for a variety of design styles. Offered in four sizes, one may prefer a simple layout, or combine different size tiles for a beautiful Versailles pattern. Add a creative flair by incorporating the 12x12 decorative accents, offered in two colors and two graphics. Achieve timeless charm effortlessly with Creativo.


Focus and functionality are achieved with Fondamenta™. Scandi design is known for clean lines without sacrificing style. A seamless look can be reached with a range of five monochromatic shades and large format sizes of 24x24 and 24x48, also accompanied by a 12x24 size. Enhance or spark visual interest to a minimalist design with the complimenting 24x24 geometric deco, available in two shades and one graphic. Create a Nordic feel or a modern oasis with Fondamenta.

Marble Obsession™

The pursuit of classic beauty and luxury is found within Marble Obsession, a collection inspired by an array of three unique marble visuals. Its alluring color palette ranges from a classic white with dramatic gold veining to an attractive grey featuring white striations. This well-rounded series offers versatility through a mix of different shapes, sizes, and finishes—everything you need to create breathtaking spaces. Transcend traditional marble installations and step into the next level of marble inspired designs with a 2x5 Picket mosaic, 8” Hex, and a 6” Arabesque wall piece, guaranteed to mesmerize and satisfy your desire for modern elegance.


Scenario emulates tone-on-tone brush strokes typical of majolica tiles found in Mediterranean architecture. Tiny flaws come together to make each piece unique and poetic.  An interplay of opposites from six deco’s to three solid colors shape abstract imagery through curves and clean lines. Its streamline of movement across floors and walls creates eye-catching patterns from structured cubism to flattering waves.


Presenting an aristocratic soul with a contemporary feel, Treverksoul mimics realistic hardwood visuals combined with authentic knot and grainline variations. Inspired by antique parquet floors, this collection attractively revives a style from the past. Its distinct chevron shape filled with rich color and shade variation brings a refreshed ambiance to any space.


Sabbia Marmo™ captivates any space with its subtle, yet elegant sand-like visuals. Inspired by natural stone, matte finish colors available in white, medium gray, dark gray, and black. Sabbia Marmo is a modern take on traditional stone. Available in three distinct sizes — 12x24, 24x24, and 24x48, plus an eye-catching linear strip mosaic. Features StepWise™ technology for superior slip resistance in both residential and commercial spaces. Create daring looks to express your unique style.

Coastal Effects™

Create luxurious designs using Coastal Effects molten glass mosaics. Vibrant color tones in four color combinations, from sapphire blue to rich onyx, create ribbons of color in this unique mosaic. On-trend geometric shapes take form in Small Picket, Large Picket and a Trellis accented with antique mirror. 


A bold metallic wall tile, GeoMetal stands out with its three dimensional structures in 6x6, Hex Mosaic and Harlequin Mosaic. GeoMetal makes a statement with Champagne Gold, Gunmetal, Bronze, and Nickel metallic color tones. Pattern designs in Geometric, Floret and Ornament lend rich textures to any space. A special blend of materials gives the authentic look of metal, while giving GeoMetal the durability to be installed in wet areas.


Inspired by ancient Moroccan tiles, Zellige blends North African tradition with industrial ceramics. The undulated surface and variation in color tones accentuates the natural imperfections and hand-crafted look of Zellige. Its glossy finish and visible variation creates a blend effect in which the color vibrates strongly. Offered in an array of 12 beautiful shades, these 4x4 tiles have the power to transform any space.
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