New Products

Marazzi reveals innovative on-trend looks. Featuring stunning aesthetics extending from marble and stone looks to updated wood looks, the new product collections venture into the latest styles for the ultimate design ideas.



Restaurant dining area with smooth, beige stone look tiles on the floor and walls


Inspired by dark-colored, fine-grained basalt, Basalto™ offers smooth monochromatic style. Available in four neutral colors in 12x24 or 24x48 large-format sizes. Crafted with Italian precision, Basalto™ is a tile that will stand the test of the ages.

Cafe with Classentino Marble look tile on the wall

Classentino Marble™

Our new Classentino Marble™ series now includes a coordinating wall tile. Available in the three most popular colors, these wall tiles come in 8x24 size. Choose from three different textures—flat, rake, or bold, to achieve a linear look.

Modern style lounge with stone look tile on the floor


With a hint of the antique, Historia™ whispers of marbled halls in timeless estates. Select from a well-rounded offering of stone-look colors with dramatic veining, aged to perfection by generations of use.

Outdoor patio with wood look tile on the floor and wall


Welcome the hygge-inspired warmth of Merona™ into your designs. Smooth color in a light, natural grain invites relaxation and ease. StepWise™ technology makes Merona™ an ideal selection for both indoor and outdoor.

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