Coastal Retreat

Mediterranean Design, Where Coastal Dreams Come Home

Designing a space to achieve both sanctuary and reinvigoration is the overarching goal of Coastal Retreat. One aspect of Coastal Retreat creates a spa-like atmosphere that treats the visitor to a serene experience - rippling water, flowing curtains, relaxing fragrances, and other sensorial elements.

Down another road in this trend, one finds a Mediterranean influence, marine elements, and nautical references that breeze through a space via the colors of the ocean, sky, sun, and sand. The freshness of the Mediterranean is enhanced at times by a touch of thread-bare fabrics, repeat indigenous patterns, bamboo, and wicker furniture.

One additional avenue in Coastal Retreat is the desert vibe of dry-touch textures, earthen colors, terracotta, and raw/tactile materials. The final expression of Coastal Retreat can be found in design that fosters a sense of cocooning – the creation of a retreat haven to protect, offering reassurance, and calm.

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