Ventilated Wall System

Ventilated Wall Systems

An external, ventilated wall is the most effective technology for addressing the issues of thermal insulation and humidity protection facing the architectural community. A ventilated wall system consists of three major components:

  • An external cladding layer of large-format porcelain with open joints
  • An aluminum substructure secured by brackets to the building
  • A thermal insulation layer (comprised of waterproofed insulation) fastened to the building’s exterior wall

Porcelain stoneware is an ideal surfacing choice for ventilated walls. It is available in multiple finishes – matte, polished, glazed – as well as countless color combinations and styles ranging from stone to marble to granite to travertine. Abrasion, freeze-thaw, fading, graffiti and harsh weather conditions become non-issues. Large-format porcelain offers excellent performance, both technical and aesthetic.

Applications and Usage of the System

  • Suitable for external brick or concrete walls, newly built or already existing, whether solid or with openings
  • Installation on standard vertical surfaces as well as on sloping and curved surfaces
  • The ventilated facade overcomes all of the mechanical phenomena encountered during its lifetime, such as its own weight, suspended loads, external ambient shock, wind loading, deformation in the support structure, temperature or humidity variation, solar radiation, chemical and atmospheric agents