Essential Luxury Trend


The notion of luxury has been changing as consumers — especially Millennials and Gen Z — expect a new take on sumptuous design. In the trend of Essential Luxury, elegance still provides indulgence, but fuses together jewel-tone colors and rich materials with Gothic, multi-cultural, Art Deco, and pop culture touches for a modern twist on splendor.


The colors of Essential Luxury are rich and majestic: the colors of emeralds, sapphires, rubies, garnets, and onyx. Forms and shapes draw inspiration mainly from the design of ancient civilizations, while incorporating svelte Art Deco influence and exploring shapes from Gothic-style such as pointed arches and rib vaults. As for patterns, Essential Luxury focuses on exotic marble looks blended with animal prints and tribal themes to create lavish and cozy interiors. In addition, Essential Luxury features design pieces, accessories, and furniture which draw inspiration from pop culture, driven by a generation raised with Instagram, TikTok, and gaming.


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