Seize the Day Trend


The trend of Seize The Day is about living life to the fullest, rediscovering ourselves, the importance of our roots, and the beauty of simplicity. Hallmarks of this trend include refined rusticity; craftsmanship; natural textures; the raw colors of nature such as earthy shades of beige, brown, and terracotta; and Southwestern Boho.


Seize The Day finishes and components celebrate the beauty and dry touch of the desert, highlighting natural textures and materials such as crude clay and terracotta. Patterns many times emulate uneven natural surfaces as well as dry, cracked earth. There is also an emphasis on cords — think macramé — glazed tiles made from natural materials such as volcanic lava, and plenty of handcraft finishing. Colors convey the desire to feel the world and deeply connect with raw nature. Forms and shapes draw inspiration from styles such as Modern Mediterranean combined with organic shapes, irregular and imperfect forms, and plenty of arches.


Tile in Trend

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