Tender Living Trend


Within Tender Living, there is simplicity, a return to nature’s order where colors, finishes, shapes, and materials are organic, uncomplicated, raw, and harken to regeneration. Colors are reflective of the outdoors; they are soothing and include blues, greens, browns, greys. Shapes may be soft, circular, flowing or raw, unfinished, imperfect. All is about establishing harmony, contentment, peace, and relaxation — accomplished by a generous infusion of natural elements into a space’s design. Tender Living addresses the need for personal cocooning within one’s home. Reaffirming ingredients of this trend include the uncomplicated honesty of Scandinavian design, the tenderness of natural visuals, and the rejuvenating presence of elements such as wood, stone, marble, agglomerated pebbles, leather, wool, straw, feathers, and flowers. The importance of nature’s grounding influence cannot be overstated within this trend. Tender Living focuses on reinstating balance, health, and calm — creating well-being for ourselves, others, and the planet.


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