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Artistic Reflections

Artistic Reflections™ combines a translucent glaze with an undulated surface, creating a handcrafted structure. Seamlessly fitting within a multitude of design trends.

Available Shapes and Sizes

: AE15
: 3/8
: 2X10, 2X20
: Glossy
: V1: Low
: Spain
: AE15
: 3/8
: 3X3
: Glossy
: V1: Low
: Spain
  • Application
    Target Dcof Wet Suitable
    Dry & Level - Interior Floor N/A
    Wet & Level - Interior Floor ≥0.42
    Shower Floors (Residential or Light Commercial) ≥0.42
    Exterior Floor Applications (including pool decking & other wet areas with minimal footwear) ≥0.60
    Ramps & Inclines ≥0.65
    Walls/Backsplashes N/A
    Countertops N/A
    Pool Linings N/A

    ●  Manufacturer Advisory: All tile is measured by the DCOF AcuTestTM method. Tiles with DCOF values less than 0.42 are not recommended for use in areas with wet or slippery conditions. For more information, see ANSI standard A137.1 section, available at

    No additional notes

  • Technical Specifications
    Test Method Mosaic Tile Wall Tile
    Water Absorption ASTM C373 < 20.0 < 20.0
    Breaking Strength ASTM C648 > 275 lbs 120-230 lbs
    Scratch Hardness ASTM MOHS 4.0-6.0 4.0-6.0
    Chemical Resistance ASTM C650 Resistant Resistant

Available Trim (1)

Shape Number: S1/210J

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