3 Perks of 4 x 28 Wood-Look Tile

Why Narrow Planks Are More Than Just Another Tile Size

Wood-look tile is just wood-look tile, no matter what size it is, right? Not necessarily. Size is more than just a matter of taste.

4 x 28 wood-look tile is better suited to some situations than wider planks. Here are a few perks you get with 4 x 28 wood-plank tile.

Go with Narrow for a Traditional Feel

Though wood flooring was nearly always wide centuries ago, it was difficult to care for and floors often ended up uneven due to warping. Morales relates, "When the technology came along for cutting narrower planks out of wood, these were an instant favorite. 2-4 inches wide became the standard in wood flooring."

Wider planks came back into fashion only recently so the return to narrower widths is more a return to tradition than a trend. "4 x 28 Montagna wood-look tile is a modern reinterpretation of traditional wood-looks with its modern-rustic visuals and hand-scraped texture" says Morales, who was a designer on this tile.

Go with Narrow for Smaller Spaces

Wood is a great look throughout the whole house. But if you are thinking about carrying a herringbone wood look throughout your home, the larger tiles might not work as well in a powder room, bedroom, or a foyer. The limited space doesn’t do justice to a larger plank.

The narrower plank is more proportionate to smaller spaces." 4 x 28 wood-look tile is the perfect size to maximize your design and still have the sensational look of wood.

Go with Narrow for Patterns

Planks are great for patterns like herringbone or chevron. With wider planks, those patterns need a great deal of space to have an impact. "Narrower planks allow you to get the full impact of the pattern even if you don’t have an open floor plan to work with," says Sarah Morales, product designer at Marazzi.

Narrower planks are far more effective in patterns when used on accent walls or plank walls. Most wall tile applications are smaller in scope and the narrow tile lets you fit in more visual drama than wider planks. The 4 x 28 wood-look tile is gorgeous even on a powder bath wall.

Montagna 4 x 28 wood-look tile comes in two warm colors, Soft Maple and Caramello. Both have elements of age with the look of worn edges and a hand-scraped surface. They are both well suited to today’s trends like herringbone patterned floor or the plank wall.

Check out the perks of 4 x 28 today.

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