4 Myths about Wood-look Tile Debunked

Still on the fence about wood-look tile? Well, you don't have to be. Wood-look tile gives natural wood a run for its money. It looks great and performs even better. Here are four things you might worry about but shouldn't.

Myth #1 Grout Joints on Wood-look Tile Make the Floor Look Fake

Today's tile lets you achieve more narrow grout joints—3/16"—that don't draw attention to the grout. Choosing a grout color that blends with the wood-look tile is another way to create a realistic and seamless look. Bottom line, when installed correctly, the grout joint isn't a big deal and won't make your floor look fake.

Montagna 4 x 8 wood-plank tiles come in colors that are easy to match grout to so they won't pose a problem for grout selection.

Myth #2 Wood-look Tile Floors Are Cold

Tile is awesome at holding a consistent temperature, and if you're concerned about cold floors, pairing that with underfloor heating is a great way to warm them up. Once the tile is warm it will stay warm for longer and helps to heat the room from the floor up—much more efficiently than other forms of heating. That makes it a great option if you are concerned about energy conservation, too.

Myth #3 The Grain on Wood-look Tile is Unrealistic

New advances in digital imaging technologies have helped wood-look tile take a giant leap in authenticity. Digital imaging and even the structure of tile recreates realistic looks and textures. In fact, wood-look tile today often requires an up close look before you realize it isn't real hardwood.

Montagna 4 x 28 tile was designed from images of actual wood plank flooring. One design has many unique images so the installed floor won't look repeated.

Myth #4 Wood-look Planks Warp and Move

Long tiles were once a risky business because they tended to move a bit after installation. Current technology and proper installation eliminate that worry.

Proper installation of your wood-look tile will help you sidestep any problems with warping or uneven edges. Consult a pro installer for best results.

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