Montagna in 4 X 28 Caramello on the floor.

4 x 28 Marazzi Tile: The Hottest Reason to Fall in Love with Wood-Look Tile

You already love the look of wood. It's a classic that works as well for your grandmother's antique-decorated sitting room as it does for your contemporary gourmet kitchen.

But you've got something your grandmother didn't have. Wood-look tile. No matter how traditional you think your grandma is, today's wood-look tile is something even she couldn't turn a blind eye to. Here's why.

Easy Maintenance & Clean-ability

Want the natural beauty of wood? Wood-look tile is the easiest way to get it without having to worry about caring for it. Porcelain tile doesn't need regular resurfacing, polishing, or staining. Grab your mop and bucket, because that’s about all you need with wood-look tile.

Wood-look tile, and the grout between tiles can be sealed if you want to provide an added layer of protection, but other than that, simply inspect your grout and tile regularly for any damage so you can avoid any problem.

Moisture Resistance

Your grandmother wasn't the only one who vigilantly protected her wood floors from water and other moisture. With wood-look tile, you side-step all that. Porcelain resists moisture so it's no problem to put wood-look tile in your bathroom, basement, kitchen or other places where water can creep in.

Sealing the grout and tile will help make your tile even more resistant to moisture and mold. It should be replaced occasionally for maximum protection.

Warm Style

Wood is a long-time favorite because of the warmth it brings to a home. Today's wood-look tile is so realistic, not only will you have to look twice, but you'll have to touch the tile before you'll believe it's not really wood.

High-tech ink jet printers and digital graphic design mean your favorite wood-look can be replicated on tile. Love reclaimed barnwood, exotic woods, or antiqued narrow planks? You can find all these in tile options.

Because tile is made of pressed earth, it maintains a constant temperature. It keeps you cool in the summer and if you want the cozy warmth of wood in the winter, consider installing underfloor heating.

Montagna in Soft Maple

The Hottest Wood-Look Tile Today

If all of that wasn't enough, then think about how much design freedom you get with wood-look tile. Marazzi's new 4 x 28 plank is the hottest thing to hit wood-look tile and offers you more options than ever. It comes in two colors, Soft Maple and Caramello. Each has a modern reclaimed feel with a slight aged look and worn edges. A hand-scraped texture adds depth that only expands the beauty of the design.

The new size is narrower than most planks on the market and that gives you more choice when it comes to installation patterns. You don't have to stick to a traditional staggered pattern. With the narrower plank you could try one of several different basket weave patterns or a herringbone much easier than with a wider plank.

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