4 Reasons Why Using Natural Stone Is a Bold Design Choice

The humble, Earth-inspired look and feel of natural stone are two of the biggest reasons why homeowners look to stone when planning their designs. And, with an increasing number of homeowners focusing on incorporating natural elements into their home designs, options like stone-look tiles are becoming bigger staples in the American home.

Those looking for a bold, one-of-a-kind design will find that stone-look tile is a viable choice as no two pieces of stone are exactly the same. Whether it's used as a countertop, flooring, or backsplash, these options offer unique composition and marbling.

If you're considering incorporating stone tile into your home's design, you'll find that stone-look tile has many advantages. Here are four reasons why natural stone-look tile will add a trendy flair to your home design:

Reason #1: Stone's natural beauty can match any style.
Natural stone's impact on architecture and design spans generations, and it is still on display in some of the most historic buildings throughout the world. Limited only by the imagination, stone-look tile can be used in a variety of locations and fashions throughout the home. Because personalization is the key to great design, stone tile and stone-look tile is the perfect flooring choice for creative homeowners.

Like natural stone, stone-look tile also delivers a captivating mix of color movement, distinguishing lines, and varied finishes. These characteristics bring an understated sophistication to any application, including floors, walls, countertops, or bathroom surfaces. Even if you're not considering using stone-look tile as a centerpiece item, such as an entire floor or backsplash, it makes for the perfect accent in combination with other materials. A buffed-finish, stone-look mosaic as a border around a stainless steel backsplash, for example, creates a striking contrast that's half nature-inspired and half industrial. If you use your imagination, the natural beauty of stone will inspire you to create a bold, one-of-a-kind design.

Photo features Archaeology 12 X 24 in Crystal River.

Reason #2: Stone's diversity will inspire a trendy design.
Stone-look porcelain tile is made to mimic the numerous types of stone. Here is a quick look at the visual characteristics of some of the most popular stone options:

Granite is arguably the go-to choice of stone for kitchen countertops. The stone itself has lots of personality, and no two look exactly the same. Formed from volcanic rock, granite is not a solid color and often has veins running through it. Its polished, smooth finish makes it ideal for a kitchen countertop or island.

Marble comes in a variety of neutral, but rich, shades. A bathroom vanity is the perfect spot to use marble products, and a great example is the Haven Point line. With white and gray color tones, Haven Point translates today's biggest design trends into an exquisite stone product.

Slate is a popular flooring option and can turn an ordinary sun-room into a nature-inspired extension of the outdoors. Its naturally uneven surface adds dimension to a backsplash and creates a sense of movement as an accent tile. Check out the Calabria line for an distinct slate-look tile.

Travertine tile, such as the Archaeology line, gives any room a stunning, natural finish. It is well-suited for interior use and is often cut into smaller mosaic tiles for backsplashes or into large slabs for countertops. Naturally uneven and craggy, travertine is a rustic, charming flooring material that is perfect for making a statement in a foyer or entry room.

Reason #3: Stone-look tile is available in a variety of finishes.
Not only are there many types of stone, but you can also have your stone-look tiles finished in a variety of ways. This product's versatility makes incorporating stone look a completely customizable experience.

Polished finishes will give your tile a glossy surface that reflects light in an eye-catching, elegant way. This is a perfect finish for countertops because it also seals the material, which adds protection. Alternatively, a honed finish gives the tile a smooth surface with no gloss.

Some tile has an antique-brushed finish or tumbled finish, which is perfect for replicating rustic or distressed look. These finishes embrace imperfections that give the tile more character.

Make sure that the finish you choose works well with other elements in your room, and you will successfully pull off your design vision.

Reason #4: Stone makes an emotional impact on your home.
Home is where the heart is, but it's also where you spend time to recharge your mind, spirit, and body. Including nature-inspired items into your home's design style can evoke emotions that you experience in nature, from calmness and positivity to excitement and rejuvenation.

When choosing materials for the home, this connection between nature and self is becoming more important to homeowners. Natural stone-look tiles and slabs fit right into this principle. But, you don't have to stop there. Here are some other ideas for incorporating nature into your home design:

  • Look to Wood: Wood-look tile works well with a range of colors and styles, and it injects a natural feel into any space.
  • Recycle and Reclaim: Recycled products are all the rage for enthusiasts of sustainable living. For example, you can use reclaimed barn wood as a headboard in your master bedroom.
  • Floral Touches: What's more natural than flowers? Add a fresh bouquet on top of your natural stone countertop and watch the varied colors form a stunning visual.
  • Let It Shine: Natural sunlight and stone go hand in hand. A polished, reflective finish on your tile can bounce the beautiful light from floor to ceiling.

Some natural materials require special care for optimal, long-lasting quality, so do your research before settling on a compilation of final design elements. When it comes to tile, speak with your local tile dealers or designers to find out what products will work best for your home-improvement project.

Whether you are a homeowner installing your first collection of natural stone-look tiles or you're ready to add to the stone you already have, most homeowners can agree that natural materials offer effortless beauty and surprising functionality to any design. And as more homeowners look to incorporate Mother Nature's most timeless pieces into their daily lives, the natural design phenomenon is surely no passing trend.