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Home Remodeling Ideas for a More Healthful Kitchen

Whether you're passionate about cooking and entertaining, or use your kitchen as a family gathering spot, the space should be a reflection of that. Comfort and convenience, however, will only get you so far when building or remodeling your kitchen. It's also important to make sure your go-to room is equipped to inspire and carry out healthy cooking and eating. From a smart tile floor design to the right type of materials for your countertop, you can easily incorporate healthful home remodeling ideas into your kitchen, while also staying true to your personal style.

When working with contractors on any kitchen-specific projects, it will be important to educate them on your focus on incorporating healthful strategies into your remodeling project. This will help keep you both on the same page, and may inspire your designer to incorporate updates that are more in line with your objectives.

Design for Healthy Cooking

Have you ever walked into a kitchen and immediately wanted to bake a quiche or flatten out some dough? A well-organized, inviting kitchen will inspire your inner chef, so it's important to keep this in mind when designing your space.

One of the most appealing characteristics of a quality kitchen is cleanliness. Before you start cooking, you need to have confidence that your surfaces, and overall kitchen environment, are safe to use. Fortunately, you can achieve this goal by choosing the right material for your countertops. Installing a quartz countertop, for example, is one of the best investments you can make in your kitchen. Quartz offers a gorgeous surface on which to prepare food, cut vegetables, and practice new cooking methods. It continues to be a popular choice for homeowners looking for a countertop that's not only appealing to the eye but will serve as a healthful cooking surface.

Quartz is a healthful option because it's resistant to the growth of harmful bacteria from food or drink spills. The last place you want unhealthy bacteria thriving is on your countertop, where you likely prepare most of your family's food. With proper maintenance and cleaning, quartz can help reduce this risk. Quartz countertops will complement almost any design. It's available in a vast array of color gradations and patterns that will absolutely stun your guests.

Treat and Heat Your Feet

Standing for long periods of time can be tough on your feet. Place a durable floor mat where you stand to cook or do dishes. This will give you ergonomic comfort and support. Mats can be found in all colors, patterns, and sizes, so you will be able to stylishly incorporate one into your tile flooring design.

Floor tiles are also a great way to incorporate a heating system into your flooring. In-floor radiant heating generates an even heat throughout your kitchen, or home, and is a luxurious addition to any design. You can add it throughout your space, or just in certain areas. For example, you can opt to heat the area where you stand to do dishes or prepare meals. This home remodeling ideas will inspire you to cook more in your kitchen.

Tile Your Surfaces

Using tile on your floor, countertops, and backsplash will make your kitchen a healthier place to eat. Tile is not only luxurious, but it's easy to clean and keep germ-free. When properly installed, and maintained, tile will have a long lifespan, and with options like the Marazzi Livigno™ series available, you can pull off a design style that is both bold and healthful.

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Keep Your Design Green

Your kitchen is where your food lives, so using harsh chemicals for cleaning is counterintuitive. Dishwashing liquids, all-purpose cleaners, and detergents all come in natural solutions that will make your surfaces spic and span without leaving behind potentially harmful properties in the air or on the surfaces.

Eliminate VOCs
Tile is fired in high-temperature kilns, which eliminates volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can contribute to a wide variety of serious health problems. Be sure to have your tile installed with grout and sealer that contain no VOCs. This will help to maintain and preserve the overall quality of your indoor air.

Make Cleaning Easy
Even a perfectly designed kitchen isn't immune to food and drink spills. Try to incorporate tile flooring, which offers the next best thing: easy cleanup. Wiping up food residue off tile is a simple process, which will lessen the chance of mold or bacteria growing in your kitchen.

Be Conscious of Allergens
According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, there are about 50 million Americans who suffer from allergies. Luckily, there are some home remodeling ideas that can help battle these conditions. If your family is affected by asthma and allergies, tile floors can make things easier on you by preserving your indoor air quality. Tile is hypoallergenic and doesn't allow dust mites, mold, germs and bacteria to live within it. This will keep your floor cleaner and the air fresher throughout your home.

Inspire Healthy Eating

Take advantage of your kitchen renovation to encourage your family to consume healthy meals, snacks, and drinks on a regular basis. There are ways to do this without sacrificing hours of your valuable time every week, and they are all achievable by keeping healthy eating habits in mind when designing your kitchen.

There are quite a few home remodeling ideas that will make your kitchen a healthier overall space. Aside from trying to keep things eco-friendly and clean, try to incorporate elements into your kitchen that inspire healthy cooking and eating. The kitchen is the heart of the home, so you want it to be healthful, too.