Costa Clara™

Wall Tile

Costa Clara™ captures the essence of artisanal hand-made tiles with a refined coastal feel. This luminous wall tile with translucent glaze and soft undulations combine for a rich design aesthetic. A lavish sea of colors ranges from light beige to bright blue to deep red. Mix two wall sizes with a coordinating rail liner or jolly trim for a custom effect.

Beach Sand
Blue Wave
Caribbean Teal
Deep Sea
Ocean Drive
Pebble Shore
Sand Dunes
Sea Star
Beach Sand Jolly
Beach Sand Rail Liner
Blue Wave Jolly
Blue Wave Rail Liner
Caribbean Teal Jolly
Caribbean Teal Rail Liner
Cloud Jolly
Cloud Rail Liner
Deep Sea Jolly
Deep Sea Rail Liner
Ocean Drive Jolly
Ocean Drive Rail Liner
Pebble Shore Jolly
Pebble Shore Rail Liner
Pelican Jolly
Pelican Rail Liner
Sand Dunes Jolly
Sand Dunes Rail Liner
Sea Star Jolly
Sea Star Rail Liner
Sizes & Finishes
3x12, 6x6
Water Absorption
Scratch Resistance (MOHS)
Shade Variation