Dealer Showroom Displays


Dedicated to providing marketing materials to increase your business, our showroom displays demonstrate our products in a clean, efficient manner.


 Feature Wing Display


This winged display showcases up to 60 illustrated sample boards, 24 plexi deco cards, and double-sided adjustable loose tile wing holds 12" x 24", 36" and 48" planks.


- Lighted display

- Decorative accents

- Distinct branding

- Flexible loose tile display

  - Popular sizes

  - Large-format

- Featured new products

- Stylish product


*Packout included with purchase of display.


Part Number: 0000MZDSPFTWG18

Dimensions: 90" W x 24" D x 84" H

Focus Display






The Focus Display highlights the key features and benefits of tile. This stunning display features our best-selling wood-look tile series, American Estates, and includes the 3 new color options available in this series.


- Storytelling graphic helps promote key benefits of tile over other flooring options

- Holds large 25" x 32" sample boards to showcase product

- Displays 8 sample boards


*Packout included with purchase of display.


Part Number: 0000MZDSPFCS19

Dimensions: 24" W x 68" H x 24" D

D_Segni™ Table Top Display

The D_Segni Table Top Display boldly showcases our encaustic-look series. This display holds up to 24 pieces of tile in a riser format for more product reveal. 


- Holds 8" x 8" tile

- Displays 23 sample pieces of loose tile and 1 graphic card


*When purchasing, order 1 display per packout

D_Segni™ Packout Part Number: 0000MZDSEGNIPK

D_Segni Color™ and D_Segni Terrazzo™ Packout Part Number: 0000MZTERACLRPK


Part Number: 0000MZDSPCTRISR 

Dimensions: 25" W x 14" D x 11.5" H


24 x 48 Loose Tile Display


Innovatively designed to showcase large format products in a small footprint.


- 10 pieces of 24" x 48" loose tiles back-to-back


*Loose tile sold separately


Part Number: 0000MZDSP2448

Dimensions: 26" W x 28.5" D x 51.5" H

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