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Meet Bre Bertolini, a lifestyle blogger and DIYer, who is currently renovating her Youngstown, Ohio home room by room. The designer behind Brepurposed partnered with Marazzi to use tile throughout her redesigned home. Follow along as we join Bre and her family on a journey to recreate their space.

About Bre

about bre

Bre started out “flipping” furniture which quickly grew into a love of all things interior design. She began renovating her family’s home and tracking the progress on her blog.

We instantly fell in love with her design style. Her thoughtfully designed rooms including her entryway and bathroom, shown here, have gained popularity on social media and have been featured on the One Room Challenge.

Now she’s tackling her largest project yet and is renovating the main floor of her house using Marazzi tile.

The Renovation

the renovation

It all started with tile. “We always kind of knew we would do wood-look tile—for a number of reasons,” Bre said.

For the main floor, Bre chose Treverkchic in Francese for its long planks, light grain, and subtle texture.

For the fireplace surround she selected our newest series, Influence, a contemporary, linear metal look.

The Renovation

the installation

Progress is underway on Bre’s remodel.

Her father in law is a professional tile installer and helped install Treverkchic in their home. Even though she worked with a professional, Bre still believes that laying tile is DIYable so she shared her best tile installation tips in her latest blog post.

The Transformation

the transformation

Bre's kitchen and living room renovations are complete. She used Treverkchic in Francese on the floors and Influence in Iron, on the fireplace to completely transform her space into a clean and modern design.

"I just can't believe how different a house this feels like" said Bre. "I couldn't be more in love with our new floors!"

Check out Bre's blog posts about her fireplace and living room floors here and tune in to Marazzi on Instagram and Facebook to check out the entire project.

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