Designing Bathroom Countertops That Fit Your Style

It's always the bathroom countertops that people first notice when they walk into the room. Your counters set the tone for the entire room design, and they tell your guests a lot about your personal style. So are you a traditional person with classic taste? A style guru who's always on the cutting edge of design? Someone who appreciates high luxury? Whatever it is you want to say about your style, there's a perfect way to do it with the right countertops. Here are some inspirational tips and tricks to get you started.

Design with Clean, Classic Materials

When you want to convey a smooth, simple style in your bathroom, look to nature for inspiration. The soft shades of Artea Stone were designed to look like the real thing, but this glazed porcelain tile is perfect for moist bathroom environments. The tiles were inspired by the walls of prehistoric caves. Veins of color create an aged look, symbolizing eons of water and heat that have embedded themselves into the rock. This line offers all the good-looking characteristics of traditional stone in easy-to-install porcelain tile that can be used to create any pattern you like.

Create Eye-Catching Mosaic Beauty

You can intentionally draw the eye toward your bathroom countertops with a lively mosaic pattern. You can go with mosaic tile that's one simple neutral color or a mix of multiple colors, which can help you create a vibrant counter design. For instance, Province glazed ceramic tile is available in a mosaic option, comes in soft neutral shades, and is covered in beautiful veining to mimic the natural look of travertine stone. Using it as your bathroom countertop will show off its simple beauty, allowing you to build on your design with additional pops of color and materials.

Combine Traditional and Modern Flair

Is your style a little funky, edgy, or somewhat nontraditional? If so, considering combining the best of traditional and modern design together by featuring the Romance collection in your bathroom countertop. These metal accents are perfect for creating a truly unique tile pattern. The inserts and chair rails add a touch of edgy modern design when you're working with stone- or wood-look tiles. Insert these accent tiles into your overall pattern to add unique little points of interest, and give your bathroom countertops a touch of funky flair that's guaranteed to make your design stand out.

Insert Natural Warmth into Any Counter

You can always add a little warmth to any tile pattern. Divine Woods tile accents come in a variety of natural wood shades and each feature unique grain detailing. The accent tiles are specifically designed to complement porcelain, glass, and ceramic tiles, and they pair beautifully with most patterns and shades of tile, allowing you to create your own original design. Incorporating accent tiles into your design means that you'll be creating a look that no one else has, and mixing and matching your tile materials adds a whole new element of style to any countertop.

When designing your new bathroom space, make sure to mix and match different types of tile and color shades to add your personality to the design and show off the style you want others to see. Whether your home is full of natural warmth and classic charm, or your style is crisp and modern, start your hunt for the perfect tile today by visiting your closest Marazzi showroom, distributor, or retailer. Before you know it, you'll have a bathroom design that truly expresses who you are.