How to Use Your Kitchen Countertops and Backsplash to Express Your Style

What do your kitchen countertops and backsplash say about you to others, and what do you want them to say instead? Is your style modern retro, natural charm, or classic elegance? With the right tile, creating any style is possible and can even be easy. After you decide on the look you want to create, here are some tips on how to express your style through tile.

Charm Your Guests with Natural Beauty

The look of travertine adds a touch of natural beauty to any room, and it's not just for the floor. Campione glazed porcelain tile has the beautiful look of travertine but the ease of porcelain. Porcelain tiles can be cut and shaped to fit any space, so you can use them as a countertop in any kitchen space. The tile is smooth to the touch, which is just what you want in a countertop, but it has the three-dimensional look of natural stone. Beautiful patterns mimic natural striations within the tile, so when featured, the beauty of nature will really shine. Porcelain tile works well as a backsplash, too, and because it can be cut into any shape, you can play around with different design patterns to find the perfect look.

Show off Your Chic Side

Do you appreciate the classic styling of the past? Combine retro style with modern flair by going with Catwalk glass tile. Perfect for any kitchen backsplash, these long glass strips create a multicolored design that reflects eye-catching beams of light and shadows all over the kitchen. This colorful glass material will draw the eye right away, and the fun colors allow you to express your personal style. The line offers a variety of different color combinations that range from subtle and neutral to dark and bold.

Let Your Design Shine

In design, contrast creates harmony instead of conflict. Mix stone and glass together to create a gorgeous mosaic look on your backsplash. This feature will complement just about any kitchen countertop material. Crystal Stone tile marries glass and stone together in gorgeous mosaic patterns that catch and reflect light in all the right places. You'll get the glitter of glass, mixed with the classic elegance of natural stone. The tumbled marble is the perfect complement to the jewel-like bits of glass. Together, they create a rich, luxurious look that pairs well with most countertops.

When you use tile, you can express yourself through color, material, light, and shadow. Use tile to play with patterns and get creative with your design. It's made to be versatile, so you can have fun mixing and matching different materials and styles to create a look that's uniquely yours. After all, shouldn't your kitchen stand out just as much as you do? When you're ready to shop for the right tile for your kitchen countertops and backsplash, head to your local Marazzi retailer, distributor, or showroom to see all of your options.