4 Bathroom Backsplash Design Tips

Adding a backsplash to your bathroom will not only make the room look more finished, but it will immediately heighten the style of your space. The bathroom is a room that's stylistically often overlooked, and adding tile to the walls can serve as an unexpected touch of luxury in the space. After all, you and your guests do spend time in the bathroom, so its design aesthetic should be worth looking at. With the right tile backsplash, you can transform your bathroom from a blank space into an artistic statement. Use these tips to get started.

Photo features Catwalk 12x12 in Blue Ballet on the wall.

1. Find the Perfect Spot

If you look around your bathroom, you'll see that the space offers a lot of different areas where you can add a backsplash besides behind the sink. You can tile one area of the space or carry it around the room to add detail and style throughout. For instance, try adding tile above the bathtub to draw the eye toward this part of the room. You can then add the same tile above and around the sink to create another accent. The two will play off each other and give the space a cohesive look. Walnut Canyon color body porcelain is a perfect tile option that features natural earthy tones, which complement a bathtub or other bathroom fixtures.

2. Make a Statement

A bold backsplash will help make a bathroom design stand out. Tile can be used to add texture, color, shine, and style to a bathroom. Try using Midpark Mosaics, for instance, to add a bold mosaic design that resembles natural stone. This lively, asymmetrical tile will give any bathroom life and movement, while creating a trendy, cutting-edge modern look.

3. Add a Pop of Color

A bathroom backsplash is an easy way to add long-lasting color to the room. A bright splash of color draws the eye and helps bring design elements together in a fun, lively way. Opting for a striking, eye-catching tile will really make your space pop. The Sistem C CITTA line, for example, will really stand out. With shades ranging from warm yellow and deep lilac, to soft green and bold cobalt blue, this tile will add wow factor to any space.

4. Stay Trendy

The bathroom should look clean and contemporary. It should be light and bright when you walk in, and adding glass is a great way to do just that. Keep the room modern and trendy by going with glass mosaic tiles, which are available in just about any color and incorporate multiple shades for an interesting and varied design. Studio M glass tiles look gorgeous in shades of red, blue, gray, and black, and they will help modernize a bathroom space.

You and your guests spend time in the bathroom, and you want yours to be full of dramatic style. Make the room's fixtures really stand out with the right tile. Use it to highlight the sink, the tub, and the wall itself, and use your personal creativity to design an amazing space. It's just one detail, but you'll find that it makes all the difference when you incorporate the right backsplash into your design.