Luxury Living Rooms: Pale Gray and White Design Ideas

Luxury living rooms look great when they feature a pale gray and white scheme, and there is a seemingly limitless amount of materials to choose from in order to bring this design scheme to life. The trick is to bring exquisite effervescence to the fresh, airy palette through the flooring, ceiling, window treatments, fireplace, trim, and feature walls without going overboard. Here's how to be successful.

Choosing the Perfect Floor

Luxury living rooms that feature delicate pale grays, whites, and creams come to life with visual movement. Flooring that has a pleasing aesthetic, such as the feathery veining in the glazed ceramic Province collection, "dances" under your feet, leading the gaze around the space. In the soft gray and ivory New Brunswick color palette, and with a generous 18 x 18 footprint, this tile sets a luxurious stage for showstopping furniture.

If you're looking for a linear floor tile that boasts visual swagger, look to Lounge14 in the off-white Cosmopolitan or Spritzer color palettes, or the gray Sidecar color option. Alternatively, the Livigno Grigio floor tile is ideal if you're after a light and dark mottled gray anchor that will make white pieces pop.

Photo features Livigno in Grigio floor tile.

Addressing the Ceiling

A vast ceiling area that stares down blankly from overhead is a waste of potential in any setting, but it's a design mistake when you're trying to create a grand look. Explore your options, which range from a traditional gray ceiling and crown molding to a modern one-piece drop ceiling panel that's centered and lit up to showcase the latest lighting fixtures.

Even an all-white ceiling is extraordinary when it's rich in detail and texture, and it can play up the windows' oversized moldings. Exposed beams can then offer a bold, dramatic look when used alongside wood-inspired floor tile.

Amplifying the Walls

As for the surrounding walls, pull a paint color from the feature wall's tile or the fireplace surround. For instance, consider going with either the Soho or Middleton Square collection, which pair sophisticated style with fashion-forward edginess, while offering a range of white and gray hues. Both options coalesce stylishly with slate, marble, granite, and wood features, and blending the paint color with the wall tile is as visually elegant as it is relaxing.

For utmost luxury, rather than going with paint, pair a delicately decorative light gray and white tile scheme with oversized, solid gray natural stone tile.

Staging the Space to Perfection

It's not difficult to create ethereal elegance when you stage a space with white furniture and accessories that appear to float on top of a gray floor. Although you could add gold accessories to amplify luxurious style in other circumstances, they may steal the show from a pale gray and white scheme.

Silver, on the other hand, lends noncompetitive opulence to the airy palette. Spark subtle fireworks by dressing the room in silver accessories, such as silver-legged tables and metal artwork, and by working metallic details into the focal wall, built-ins, fireplace surround, or floor. Bring more glam to the space via a crystal and chrome chandelier and lamp, contemporary or traditional glass sculptures, and molded clear-acrylic tables. Finally, finish the design with a few quality Danish wood pieces for ageless warmth and humbling balance.