Made in the USA

Marazzi features 28 exceptional collections that are made in USA in one of our 8 American manufacturing plants. We have over 80 years of dedicated experience in manufacturing, service and product design, positioned with the fastest speed to market.



state of the art manufacturing

8 Manufacturing Plants Right Here in the USA
- Positioned with the Fastest Speed to Market

Unparalleled service

Largest Footprint of Distribution & Service Locations Nationwide
- Over 80 Years Proven Support of Remarkable Products & Service

innovative style

Industry-Leading Technology from Design to Manufacturing
 - Product Features Designed to Set the Standard

Ultimate Solution

Designed to withstand everyday life
 - Unparalleled Design Flexibility & Style
 - Outstanding Durability & Performance
 - Easy to Clean & Maintain
 - No VOCs, No PVCs, No Allergens, No Worries
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