Contemporary Kitchens: Design Ideas to Modernize Your Home

When designed right, contemporary kitchens catch the eye and are extremely memorable. The kitchen is the heart of the household a gorgeous, trendy, contemporary design can help modernize the feel of your entire home. Here are some tips and ideas.

Photo features Knoxwood in Spice on the floor.

Use Old-World Charm

Make your modern kitchen elements stand out with a floor that contrasts with all that style. For instance, consider using Cathedral Heights to highlight your modern design with a touch of the Old World. This floor is actually tile, but 3-D digital imaging and modern technology make the ColorBody porcelain look like reclaimed wood. It features a fine wood-grain pattern, delicate shading, and a luxurious vibeóbut you'll live with the modern, low-maintenance ease of a porcelain tile kitchen floor.

Create a Chic Industrial Look

When designing a contemporary kitchen, consider going with Block tiles, which are made to offer modern, industrial style. Though they look like cement, these tiles are actually ColorBody porcelain that's been designed to resemble concrete. They're made in several shades and designed with a textured surface that looks like it was created with a trowel. The tiles are both matte and glossy, which allows them to look realistic while still picking up the light and adding a lively look to your kitchen's design.

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Photo features Block in White on the floor with White/Silver/Black decorative accent on the backsplash.

Add the Look of Ancient Stone

Travertine is a trendy home design material that's often used in modern styles. However, sometimes you're better off going with stone-look tile. For instance, the Silk line of glazed porcelain tiles captures the look of travertine perfectly. It features the veining and bands of color you find in real travertine, but it also has all the water-resistant toughness of porcelain. Digital printing is used to perfectly capture the look of travertine and recreate it in modern tile, so you'll end up with the high-end look of ancient stone in a fully modern design that's perfect for contemporary kitchens of all types.

Give Your Room Warmth and Luxury

Nothing captures the eye quite like a gleaming wood floor in the kitchen. The look of wood looks beautiful against smooth countertops and cabinets, and can tie the entire room design together with warmth and rich luxury. The Knoxwood line, for instance, features the rich grainy look of wood on glazed porcelain tile. These tiles are ideal for both wet and dry environments, and they come in four colors.

The kitchen is the hub of your home. After all, you head to that room multiple times a day. Guests, family members, pets, friendsóthey all eventually make their way into the kitchen. Use tile to create the eye-catching modern design you want, and start your project with a visit to your nearest Marazzi showroom.

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