Modern Kitchen Tile Ideas: How to Feature Shades of Green

Photo features Harmony floor tile planks.

Modern kitchen tile comes in large formats, offers sleek lines, and features trendy hues. Many of today's contemporary kitchens feature neutral palettes, as well as cool shades of green and stylish earth tones. Moss green, for example, sports a gray undertone, and breathes fresh life into a modern design. If you're looking for inspiration, here are a few ways to incorporate green tile, or other neutral hues that support green surroundings.

Get Inspired by the Water

You don't necessarily have to bring blue-green tile into the design equation to develop a design that's inspired by water. For a modern take on this theme, use blue-green as your accent tile and choose complementary tile that won't overpower it. For example, try going with pale tile planks that are inspired by beach-worn wood but constructed for the kitchen. Pair your tile with sand-tone furniture, off-white cabinets, stainless-steel appliances, and light-gray granite or quartz countertops. This design will form a visually quiet stage for a sleek blue-green glass table and decor accessories.

Use Slate Green to Add Old-World Charm

Nature constructs slate in various hues, including moss green, which is captured in slate-look tile, Vesale Stone. Along with the stony green coloring comes old-world character, and you can create balance by partnering this charm—maybe as the floor tile—with streamlined appliances and sleek cabinetry. The key to incorporating a material with an organic vibe into a modern design is to surround it with creamy whites and pale grays.

Photo features tile accents from the Romance Collection.

Another idea is to pull a shade of neutral gray or russet from mottled slate tile, and use this color for modern cabinetry or sleek, solid-colored countertops. Alternatively, if you appreciate adventurous interior design, go all out and pair moss green tile with purple accessories, or even with style-forward high-gloss cabinets in the green's opposite or complementary hue: mauve. The Vesale Stone collection includes a decorative diamond mosaic and coordinating trim that picks up the flooring and pulls a bold design together.

Make the Most of Punchy Shades of Pistachio

Pistachio is another shade of green that comes loaded with modern energy, and it looks great when used in the kitchen. For example, Sistem C Citta wall tile in Pistachio won't disappoint, and you can take it from the counter to the ceiling for maximum attitude. As always, tile layout is a personal choice, but by going with a more stimulating geometric design, you can form an interesting break from repetitive lines. This modern kitchen tile's color and size are enough to wake up an otherwise simple design or all-white space, but why not consider a herringbone or basket-weave pattern?

It's relatively easy to establish a great kitchen design when you fill it with neutral tones and dress it in today's quality tile. Simply opt for materials that speak to your design sensibilities and add value to your home. When you're ready to choose the perfect tile and get started on your design, head to your local Marazzi retailer or distributor.