How to Use a Tile Mosaic to Add Visual Appeal

A tile mosaic serves as an eye-catching element of style in any room of your home. So if you're looking to refresh or update your interior design, you can create a stunning visual experience by placing these shimmery smaller tiles in modern shapes and patterns. Mosaics can add necessary texture to a monochromatic color scheme, or they can offset a neutral design by incorporating a bright, shiny focal point. Mosaic tile trends are here to stay, so why not use them to your advantage? Here are some tips and inspirational ideas.

Modernizing Your Space

Mosaic art uses smaller pieces of decorative glass or stone to form an elaborate picture or pattern. For home decor, modern tile mosaic design is often less intricate and features sleeker shapes. Mosaics should fit in with your overall color palette and room design, while adding the right amount of visual depth and drama. The most contemporary color schemes are infused into mosaic tile patterns, making them a perfect fit for an artistic style or modern design. If you're looking at today's tile mosaic options, you'll find random linear sizing and bolder color options. If this is what you're looking for, check out the Catwalk line.

Photo features Caicos in Crane Beach.

Using Mixed Materials

Mosaics mix colors and tile materials to create a varied surface. Today's popular mosaics contain materials such as glass and stone. The contrasting shine of glass and sophisticated smooth marble add texture to any wall design. For example, a line like Crystal Stone II offers you an optimal mix of both clear and translucent glass, combined with marble and slate. Color options extend through a range of neutrals that will add the necessary depth and sparkle to beautify your home.

Drawing Attention with a Tile Mosaic

Mosaic tiles are frequently used in areas of the home where you want to capture attention. A glittering glass mosaic in metallic shades complements a focal point such as a fireplace surround. Accent walls and tiled backsplashes can also benefit from smaller mosaic tiles. In particular, the sea-inspired colors of the Caicos line complement the relaxing natural beauty of water and can be used in showers, pools, and spas.

Including Accents

A tile mosaic also works well as an accent in a more subdued design scheme. Glass mosaics can be used to line accent walls or tub surrounds for added visual appeal. Porcelain stoneware that features artistic patterns, such as the decorative accents found in the Block line, can also add unexpected beauty and movement to an accent wall or backsplash.

Mosaic tile has increased the functionality and versatility of interior design options. Now you can incorporate a tile mosaic pattern into any room. To view the latest styles offered by Marazzi, visit your local retailer today.