Dreamscape Trend


Dreamscape is the next frontier of our phygital lives and digital culture. This trend is about creating a place to escape and enjoying an opportunity for self-reinvention. Immersive aesthetics begin with color schemes drawn from gaming and dream-like virtual realities, including variations of purple and blue, combined with opaque and glossy finishes, iridescent designs, and metallic visuals.


As people in the current digital age began seeking escapism and reinvention of their self-identities — gaming applications, virtual reality programming, and the metaverse answered the call. These shared, interactive, and virtual worlds have created a preference for visually charged immersive aesthetics. Translated into the physical world, the trend of Dreamscape offers dreamy interior landscapes that emit an ethereal sensation through smooth surfaces and sheer flowing fabrics; shapes that transmit a fluidity; metallic accents; geometries and lines that sensate movement; sharp delineations as well as digital and sci-fi designs. Vertical backgrounds and wall art within Dreamscape many times feature high-definition geometric graphics.


Tile in Trend

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