Modern Rurality

Country Comfort: Where Cottage Core Meets Modern Living

Homespun design and cabin-inspired interiors are the foundation of Modern Rurality.  This trend brings peace, coziness, authenticity, and country simplicity to a space.  Mixed woods, exposed wooden beams, wool, natural stone, and traditional farm tools combine with local hand-made crafts to radiate a warmth and simplicity that brings comfort and peace.

Colors featured prominently in this trend include various browns, maroon, a deep navy, and a dark moss green.  A wonderful stillness descends, and thoughts become clearer, breaths more relaxed, and memories richer as the home’s occupants can live in the moment assisted by a Modern Rurality backdrop.

Another option is to mix traditional cabin core aesthetics with industrial elements such as brick, concrete, glass, and metal to add a contemporary sleekness to the space.  Any way you choose to present it, the trend of Modern Rurality is always relaxing and grounding.

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